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The Destiny Of Libraries In This Era

In the past, libraries were the essential places to gather information and knowledge that you wanted to know in the world. There was no other place to search since the only dependable way to store up all of the information we have gathered from our world is through writing it all in a book and these books are compiled in the library. Since the digital era arrived, everything changed and there are better ways to access information now. That begs the question though: What is the place of libraries these days? Are they even needed now that there are many ways to collect information?

Well the answer to the first question is they will stay and will keep getting books. There are many people who still love books as reading material and that is not going to change for a while. Digital information sometimes are pricey and difficult to come by especially if you do not have the means to buy the eBook. In the library, the books are free to read so that will still not go away. People still collect books too so the use of libraries will never be gone. They love to collect these great books made by great writers so a small stack of books would still look like a library to many. So whether you like it or not, the libraries of the old and new will be here to stay and no one is going to stop them.


The Thrill Of Finding Ancient Libraries From Sites

Ancient ruins are always one of the favorite things children like to hear and especially if they have a knack with history. Some find it exciting to know the secrets of those ancient ruins to be revealed to the world. Curiosity and the feeling of excitement always come hand in hand when it comes to these types of stories or specials shown on TV. Discovery channel always show these types of shows because it can really turn some heads of those who are interested in mystery. One of those mysteries is the history that has been written in ancient books that some of these ruins have. This is why some are trying hard to find ancient libraries from ancient ruins too.

You will never know right? There might be some ancient secrets that the ancient civilization has left for us to discover. There might have been some records that many historians have been looking for so long and it just needs some deciphering from these ancient libraries. Just thinking about it makes you shiver in excitement and the urge to learn something new. These ancient libraries may hold some many secrets many people have been looking for like ancient treasure that could make a man rich beyond his wild imaginations, secret medicine that could heal impossible diseases and many more. Maybe there might be some texts that hold evidence that otherworldly beings exist and they are just living within our society. These ancient libraries will certainly be a good find once found.

Which Parts Of The City Libraries To Search For Your Research

In the old days, libraries were the first thing to visit if you ever need to research some things for your studies or you want to know something that has been bothering you for a while. These were the times where computers were only for the privileged and for those who could not afford it would only need books to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. The internet too was very limited at that time. Now though, the internet can be used by anyone and everyone. The computers and gadgets are affordable now too. Still a lot of people go to the libraries to continue on their research and studies.

So where do you go in the library to find the one thing you are searching for? Where there are several sections in the library that you can go through. Since it has always been a rule that libraries should have sections on every type of book stored there then you can easily search through it. Just look up the signs and see what types of books are stored in a rack. For science and technology, there is a science and technology section. If you are looking for culture then there is the culture section.

The Evolution of Libraries

Books are one tool that could help people expand their learning. When it comes to communication skills specifically improving one’s pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and sentence construction, reading any kind of materials is a great help. By reading people get to practice their pronunciation and at the same time learn more vocabulary words, its meanings and uses in a sentence. Libraries are good places associated with reading. This place is literary an ideal venue to learn about so many things. This houses different types of books written by so many authors all over the world; thus students, professionals and people who are fond of reading can take their time and read all the books they want.

Considered as the best place to read and learn, libraries are made to be an official part of any type of establishment or institution. Schools, universities, companies, and even government offices have libraries to encourage more people to pursue their love for discovery and learning. Due to its significance, libraries have been given much importance in the society. Now, readers can enjoy not only some history and old story books as different sets and volumes are made available for everyone. Furthermore, other types of reading materials such as magazines, newspapers and short articles published are also displayed and stored inside libraries for people to be updated of the happenings around them.

The evolution of libraries didn’t stop there as DVDs are now installed inside to encourage more people to continue learning. The whole point of all of these is to let them see the great importance given by people in the authorities on education and practical learning.

Top Three Unusual Uses for Public Libraries

That they are filled with books and other references for research and study is an established thing. However, many people have found other uses for public libraries…and they range from strange to humorous. Today, we list down three of the most unusual uses for public libraries.

1. As a skateboarding or BMX ramp.

This video is of BMX flatland biker Matt Wilhelm doing a demonstration on his bike for kids at the Gail Borden Public library. It is one of those library activities you may not typically see on a regular day, but since Matt’s personal advocacy is anti-bullying, it is welcomed with open arms and doors by the public library, which generously lent its carpeted lobby for the occasion.

Too often, the steps and ramps of public libraries (even the hand rails, as these make for ideal “grind” tricks by bikers) become favorite obstacles of BMX-ers and skaters, but of course, we highly doubt if it gets approval from those running the public libraries.

2. As a dance hall.

Public library dance, Dance Dance Evolution at the Toronto Public Librar…Public library dance, Dance Dance Evolution at the Toronto Public Librar…—Josephers (

Let’s face it, public libraries have some of the biggest floor areas in town. And big floor areas are what dances need! It doesn’t matter if it’s ballroom or salsa or a ho-down or, as depicted above, a sychronized group dance, what it needs is space, space, and more space to cut a rug. During nights and off days, many public libraries actually lend their floors to dances!

3. As a venue for dates.

Book love, Stop smelling the book I love youBook love, Stop smelling the book I love you—justgrimes (

Many film and television show scripts of romantic comedies have used public libraries as take-off points for the romance they want to show. Public libraries in real life have become locations for dates, albeit quiet and usually book-centered ones. If you think about it, what else makes for a better date than a quiet and cool place, softly lit and surrounded by tall shelves for privacy, where you have to whisper in your date’s ear to be heard? Best of all—it’s free!

Public libraries have been around for a long time, giving people the opportunity to learn new things on their own and to discover worlds between bound pages during long quiet hours of reading. However, as time goes on, they will come to serve many other purposes, and in so doing, can help enrich people’s lives in creative, colorful ways beyond its card catalogues and book shelves.


The Most Beautiful American Public Libraries

Each American state has hundreds of libraries, public and private, for people to enjoy. A library can be just a small room with a few book cases housing a few hundred books, or it can be a huge building with several stories of categorized publications employing hundreds of staff for its upkeep and maintenance.

Today, we will take a look at some of the most beautiful (in structure and organization) libraries in the USA.

Seattle’s Central Library is one of them. It has gone from becoming just a library to a tourist destination because of its glass walls, creative use of space, plus a very helpful and effective book-handling system.

Seattle Central Library Book Handling SystemSeattle Central Library Book Handling System—brewbooks (



LA should be proud of its public library, as well. The Los Angeles Central Library boasts of making it the the 25 Most Beautiful Public Libraries in the World list by Flavorwire. Small wonder, because it features a beautifully-detailed facade, as well as a book collection rich in history, culture, and literature. The central library is located on top of a steep hill in downtown los angeles, I remember getting knee pain simply trying to visit it.

La central library, Los Angeles Central LibraryLa central library, Los Angeles Central Library—LifeSupercharger (

The Honolulu Library also makes it to the list. It is an open-styled building amongst wide lawns and trees, and features a tranquil courtyard. More importantly, the books are well organized and categorized, making it easy for researchers to find them and check them out. Many people appreciate the friendly and helpful staff, as well.

Honolulu LibraryHonolulu Library—cliff1066 (


Top 3 Ways To Get The Most Out of Your Public Library

Public libraries exist for many reasons. Chief among these is education. Finally getting a library card is a rite of passage for any child just like going through major childhood illnesses, or learning how to ride a bike, or going to school unaccompanied. On the steps of a public library, holding their card, children can literally be at the threshold of education by way of books and other publications. Imagining all the old technology to gather information from that era gives me red eyes.

If you feel lost in a library (as a child or as an adult…it’s perfectly understandable to feel overwhelmed by the presence of stacks upon stacks of books), you can start feeling at home in it and be comfortable navigating shelves with these three tips to make the most out of your local public library.

1. Don’t hesitate to ask your librarian questions.

Librarian at the Card Files at Senior High School …Librarian at the Card Files at Senior High School …—The U S National Archives (


For some strange reason, librarians have always been perceived as strict, no-nonsense, and unapproachable types. While this could hold true for some libraries, you have to remember that these people are hired for their expertise at cataloging and mastery of the Dewey Decimal system. They are also surrounded by books most of their lives, so who better to ask about a particular book than a librarian? Most, if not all, librarians, carry a degree or even a Masters in Library Science and other information-related courses. They are likely to know about a broad array of topics you need for research, as well as authors and genres of books and other literature. So the next time you need help, don’t go around the library for hours, wandering among shelves. Approach your librarian and ask away; that’s what they are there for.

2. Take advantage of your library’s free educational programs.

Library activity, 352 365 Try oneLibrary activity, 352 365 Try one—PlayfulLibrarian (

It is a rare library that does not offer free educational programs or activities for people. There’s likely to be an announcement board at your local public library, or on their website. Look them up and take advantage of them! Learning something new, especially if it’s in the form of a community set-up, can be a very enriching experience. Many libraries get local authors to talk about their latest book, or get resource speakers to talk about helpful topics, or have a literacy program for those who are not fortunate enough to get traditional education. Your library might even have children’s and adults’ book clubs you can join!

3. Use all available resources in your local library.

Arlington Library Connect

Located in Texas Arlington Library is a fine institution devoted to the community and families of texas. All you need is a library card and you’re off to get free access to so many resources in print format and on the internet. The place is home to many databases of information and knowledge as well as learning tools.

The amount of information lent out each year is enormous and continues to grow and healthy clip in fact last year via our Polaris information retrieval system over million individual items were researched and processed.

Our moto is Live Lean Connect and Grow. All those ideals help us navigate the information abundant future that is our reality now.

other library news in Arlington, Texas.
The University of Texas at Arlington also referred to as UT Arlington or UTA is a edu library sel Science and Engineering Library and.…
University of Texas at Arlington

Public Library Online

Public library online, online catalog Children\'s RoomPublic library online, online catalog Children’s Room—Newburyport Public Library (

Do you still go to a public library? Or are you doing your research to a public library online? Which do you prefer, going to a public library or do your research through the use of public library online?

Would you like to go to a public library without leaving your house to do some research? There are many online free websites that you can get information from for your needs. Example of which are, and many more.

New Library Website Unveiled during National Library Week April 8-14. How Will You Celebrate We recommend that you take a few minutes to discover our new and improved website at We are choosing this.…

South Brunswick Public Library Blog New Library Website Unveiled

Many doesn’t have time to go to a public library and search through hundreds of pages or books just to get the information that they need. Some lives far from the city where they can’t find or the public library is far from their home. So why go to a public library and travel for hours when you can get the information on a public library online?

If you don’t have computer or internet at home, you can also go to the public library and you can just use their computer and search for the information that you need. Most libraries today already have computers and internet for the convenience of students, parents or even a local individual for their needs.

More Public Library Online News: Boston Public Library celebrates branches workers for National Library Week. The American Library Association’s National Library Week kicked off April 8 but the BPL is getting started early by asking patrons to share their stories online about helpful library employees or how libraries have made a difference in their lives. The New York Public Library digitizes early American historyArt Daily. County’s libraries enter new chapter of evolutionNorthwest Herald. Give voters a chance to improve Seattle library servicesThe Seattle Times. Middletown Press Seattle Post Intelligencer. all 74 news articles.…

Boston Public Library celebrates branches workers for National Library Week


eBooks available at Easton Area Public Library. Allentown Morning Call. eBooks will be available from the Easton Area Public Library beginning Tuesday April 10. Selections can be checked out and downloaded from the library’s website Users will need to link to OverDrive the library’s digital.…

eBooks available at Easton Area Public Library Allentown Morning Call


Benefits of Library

With the fast development with technology, internet is widely use now a days. With just one click you can already get the information you need. At the present time, sometimes people no longer utilize the use of libraries. But here are some benefits when you are using libraries for research. All of the phyiscal running around to get basic information is now simply at your finger tips, I imagine. However the dark side is the carpel tunnel and other pains of the hands that can ensue click here to learn about the dangers of computers here.


Books in the Library

library Asia Pacific University

It’s really hard to find the books in the library specially if the books are not well-organized. You’ll waste your time looking for the certain book or for the information that you need for your research and will end up submitting late reports.

“If we just put all of our books anywhere in the Library, no one would be able to find anything. Obviously, they need to be organized.

In the late 1800’s, a librarian named Melvil Dewey came up with an organizing system that has become known as the Dewey Decimal System and is used in public and school libraries. If you understand the basics of Dewey, you can find books in most libraries. You probably learned about Dewey in school, but just in case you’ve forgotten, we’re going to give you a little lesson.”

Natchez Adams Wilkinson Library

It is the responsibility of the Librarian to organize all the books, and it is also the responsibility of the person using the books to return it in the right section to avoid confusion for the next person who’s going to look and use that book. You should also be careful when you’re using the book, because that’s not yours, you just borrowed it. It’s a school property or its a government property. Be careful not to ruin the pages or the book itself.

Here’s an example of how they arrange the books in the library:

000 Generalities
100 Philosophy & Psychology
200 Religion
300 Social Sciences
400 Language
500 Natural Sciences & Mathematics
600 Technology (Applied Sciences)
700 The Arts
800 Literature & Rhetoric
900 Geography & History

000 Generalities
010 Bibliography
020 Library & information sciences
030 General encyclopedic works
040 Not assigned or no longer used
050 General serials & their indexes
060 General organization & museology
070 News media, journalism, publishing
080 General collections
090 Manuscripts & rare books

100 Philosophy & psychology
110 Metaphysics
120 Epistemology, causation, humankind
130 Paranormal phenomena
140 Specific philosophical schools
150 Psychology
160 Logic
170 Ethics (Moral philosophy)
180 Ancient, medieval, Oriental philosophy
190 Modern Western philosophy 200 Religion

Natchez Adams Wilkinson Library


Now its easier to find the books in the library. Keep it organized and neat so the person who will need the book for reference will not have a hard time finding it. If all libraries are well-organized like this, then you will not have any problems in finding the documents or books that you need.

Watch the video on Youtube:

Also refrain from damaging the book. Specially the pre-historic ones. Do not do what Mr. Bean did when he went to the library. It was really funny. Though it was an accident but please refrain from committing those mistakes. Accidents happen but as much as possible you would want to be very careful with the things that are not yours, specially if the books are owned by the government like for example you’re inside the Presidential Library, again do not do what Mr. Bean did or you’ll be in a big trouble.


School Libraries

school library
Paradise High School Library

Not all libraries are free. Sometimes you have to become a member and pay for the staff and library maintenance.

Often times, parents are allowed to use the school library for research or whatever like reading books.

“A school library (or a school library media center) is a library within a school where students, staff, and often, parents of a public (state) or private (fee paying) school have access to a variety of resources.”


Other school libraries allow their students to use the internet for research. But not all schools have computers and internet access in the library.

Watch the video in Youtube:

See how easy and great it is to have computers in the library? It’s easier for the students to look and finish their reports in time.


Have You Been To A Public Library?

Trinity College Library Dub

Have you been to a public library?

Today, not many people are going to a library to get some information or research about something that they need.

Most people would think, “Why do I need to go to the library when I can Google it instead?”

Are you also thinking this way?

It’s really convenient to Google the things that you need to know or research about. It will save you time to go through all the books and references.

“A library is an organized collection of books, other printed materials, and in some cases special materials such as manuscripts, films and other sources of information.”


So where did the Library originated?

“The earliest discovered private archives were kept at Ugarit. There is also evidence of libraries at Nippur about 1900 BC and at Nineveh about 700 BC showing a library classification system.”


For me, if we’re going to talk about convenience and fast results, yes I will Google it as well. But when it comes to valuable and original references, I will still go to a public library and take my time doing the research.

My Doctor once said, “Do not believe everything you read in the internet”. It made me think a little.

I’ve been searching online for years, especially if I need the results right away. I thought about what she said for few hours and I then realized that she was right.

Many people claimed to be a Doctor online but the fact is they just want to promote their acne product, or their slimming product or whatever.

Watch the Youtube Video Here:

That’s how I see it. But it really is a case to case basis. Due to all the High-Technology evolution today, some kids have never been to a public library. The idea of our younger generation having never to experience the library causes me to feel pain.


Arlington Public Library Foundation

The Arlington Public Library Foundation provides a source of financial assistance to the Arlington Public Library through the solicitation of tax-deductible contributions from  private sources. Our goal is to provide an outstanding library for the people of Arlington.

What We Do

Currently, the Foundation is raising funds to support literacy, teen programming, the renovation of the Lake Arlington Branch Library, collection materials, and a campaign

best web design los angeles  really amazing work.


The Different Types Of Libraries Common In The World And Their Respective Purposes

Libraries are very important structures even today which is an era of technology. Many people still love to go to the library for information, entertainment or even just to kill time because it has already become a part of our human culture. No one can change that kind of lifestyle of ours already. Anyways a lot of people still love to read books so as long as there are those items, libraries will never go away. There are however different types of libraries that you can probably see in the vicinity of your town or city, schools, hospitals and many more establishments. Here are the different types of libraries you might encounter in the world and what purpose do they serve.

The first common type of library you would see should be the children’s library. It is the most common library since you can access it through schools all over the world. The purpose of such a library is to educate the children with different children’s books that would give them vital information needed for their research or to just read some good children’s stories for fun. The school library though would escalate from books for children to some serious books which could be good research material many high school students could use for research. Lastly there is the city or town library where you can read almost all types of literary works known to man. These libraries are open to the public and people of any age can enter and read every type of book with the guidance of the librarians.


Libraries are an organized collection of different sources of information and similar resources that is made easily accessible to the public. Back then when the internet was hard to come by and is not much of a big deal, people go to libraries to gain access to different information as a means to pique one’s curiosity or help them with their research or term paper.

This made libraries a central hub for people to borrow books or read them entirely in that particular location. This is why people are encouraged to keep their voices low when inside the library premises as most readers go to such areas to gain solitude and easiness of mind. Online libraries are quite a convenience as this allows online visitors to access different information with a click of a button. However, the feeling of holding a book in the palm of your hands and flipping each pages still feels quite unique compared to when reading something through an e-book reader with Smartphones, tablets or other IOS device. Taking these books home is a great alternative especially if one does not have enough time to be reading them in the library.

Getting a local public library card is necessary if you want to start borrowing books and taking them home. This will then allow you to get a book of choice and have it checked and verified by a librarian. You will not be having any problems  as soon as this book is returned over the given time period.